made with raw ewe's milk

Semi-firm, unpressed

blue mold cheese with natural rind

6” diameter, 5” high, 2.5 kg wheels


Named for our beautiful Lanark Highlands and the many Scots who settled in this area. Highland Blue is a tangy and rich blue cheese with a natural rind and delicate overtones of blue mold combined with butter and mushroom. The Highland Blue is a Royal Winter Fair ribbon winner!


TASTING NOTES: Fine blue-green veins throughout a moist cohesive, old-ivory coloured paste. Aromas are of damp slate and herbs (sage, marjoram). The cheese is full-flavoured, earthy and savoury with less salt and acidity than many blues.
WINE: Late harvest Riesling or Vidal, Tawny Port
BEER: Oatmeal Stout
OTHER: Ice-cider (Quebec or Prince Edward County)





Back Forty’s tasting notes and beverages suggestions are provided by Julia Rogers of Cheese Culture. Julia Rogers is a Toronto-based cheese educator, writer and event co-coordinator. Her website lists other recommended cheese and beverage pairs, and her e-newsletter is a source of news, lore and bite-sized reviews.



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