made with raw water buffalo milk

Semi-firm, unpressed

blue mold cheese with a natural rind,

6” diameter, 5.25” high, 2.6 kg- 3kg. 

Aged 3-6 months.

Seasonally Produced (December – July)


There are several theories on how the small Eastern Ontario Village got i'ts name but one thing for sure that all residents and visitors can agree on is the striking beauty of the areas rugged hills and the deep teal rivers and lakes which surround them. 

Back Forty’s Calabogie Blue is a great reflection of such beauty.  The wild and natural rind encases radiant dark teal veining which meanders through the crevices of the delicious white body. 

Calabogie Blue is a very unique cheese and may be one the world’s only blue’s which is handcrafted with raw water buffalo milk.  Calabogie is creamy on the pallet yet crumbly in texture.  It is a well balanced blue with a smooth bold finish. 



Back Forty’s tasting notes and beverages suggestions are provided by Julia Rogers of Cheese Culture. Julia Rogers is a Toronto-based cheese educator, writer and event co-coordinator. Her website lists other recommended cheese and beverage pairs, and her e-newsletter is a source of news, lore and bite-sized reviews.



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