made with raw ewe's millk

Soft bloomy white mold rind

8” diameter, 2.5” high, 1.5 kg wheels


The magnificent and rugged Madawaska River has long been an important part of life in the Ottawa Valley. Our Madawaska provides a range of tastes and textures from a chalky, slightly tangy centre to a soft, sweet and slightly salty cream under the rind. The Madawaska was named one of the ten best cheeses in Toronto according to Toronto Life!


TASTING NOTES: A beautiful bloomy cheese with thick, cream-coloured surface flora, and a paste that’s chalky white at the heart and flowing ivory near the rind. Delicate, citric yogurt aromas lead to a melting sweetly mineral finish.
WINE: Sparkling, Pinot Gris or dry Riesling
BEER: Wheat beer (Schneider-Weisse or Blanche de Chambly)





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